Welcome to the homepage of Proud.Americans.Who.Serve. (P.A.W.S.). We hope you take the time to browse the site and see our polo offerings.

We hope you’ll see something that interest you and you’ll want to purchase one or more! Show you pride and/or support for those that these polo’s represent. Not sure what the story is? Go to each of the polo’s and read what they’re about.

Many that buy their first polo come back for more.

Just Arrived!!

Proud Americans Who Serve is excited to offer our Seven newest Polo’s;  “Diamondback”, “Nebula”,  “Phoenix”, “Carbon”, “Barney Style”, “Longhorn” & “Rage”.

See more about all seven of these in the Custom Page.

We will begin offering at the Bigtown Gunshow on the 16-17th of September these 7 new designs:

Come by the gunshow and get them before they sell out!!! These are a limited run and won’t be kept in mass for several months.